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What are Cough Lozenges? What are the Types and Benefits?

What are Cough Lozenges? What are the Types and Benefits

Had nagging cough but was instantly relieved after taking a cough lozenge? If yes, then this write-up would give a lot of in and out information about cough lozenges…

To ease the pain of sore throat and relieve yourself from persistent cough, the only instant solution is a cough lozenge.

What are Cough Lozenges?

Cough lozenges or cough drops are medicated lozenges whose main purpose is to suppress the cough. When you suck on a cough drop, you make more saliva in the mouth that helps reduce the dryness in the throat and also makes a coating around it. This coating thereby eases the dry and itchy feeling that often comes when you have a sore throat or end up coughing.

Types of Cough Lozenges

There are basically three types of lozenges – hard, soft, and chewable.

  • Hard lozenges – Formed using sucrose or other sugars that produce a hardened amorphous glassy end look and are mostly made of compressed powders.
  • Soft lozenges – Made using PEGs of appropriate weight to provide slow dissolution in the saliva.
  • Chewable lozenges – Typically based on glycerinated gelatin which composes of a base of glycerin, gelatin, and water. This base can be then mixed with suitable flavours and sweetening agents.

Benefits of Cough Lozenges

  • Provides soothing relief to the throat – Cough drops act as a mild anaesthetic and due to menthol as one of its main ingredients, provide cooling sensations. Cough drops provide temporary relief to the irritated nerves in the throat and decongest the upper respiratory tract. Additionally, a cough drop reduces and helps loosen mucus so that you can cough up easily.
  • Instant bronchial relief – Most cough lozenges have antiseptic properties and hence reduce inflammation. Cough drops also thicken the mucus in the lungs and relieve your bronchial passages. Once your bronchial passages are relieved, the irritation in the throat also reduces. Cough lozenges help loosen the phlegm that is deposited in the respiratory tracts and thus you will feel relieved from a nagging cough.
  • Provides temporary cough relief – Cough lozenges eases spasms of the respiratory tract and relieves cough. This way the cough drops are expelling harmful microbes, dust and irritants from your mouth which in another sense, are making it natural to worsen the cough.
  • Clear nasal passages – Eases the stuffy nose, sinus pain, inflammation, and nasal congestion with cough lozenges.
  • No side effects – Many of the cough lozenges that are available in the market has no side effects.

Which is the Best Cough Drop?

There are many cough lozenges that are available in the market, but not many are effective in treating cough, and not many provide promising results. Hence, it is advised to choose natural in comparison to chemical-based cough lozenges.

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