Legacy of Trust

Since, its inception in the year 1997, Smyle has been tirelessly working to provide better herbal efficacy, superior product stability and safety through its Oral & Healthcare products to its 150 million smiling customers across the globe.

In this fast-changing era, Smyle has progressed on its growth strategy to provide better and dependable alternatives to conventional formulations available in Fast Moving Healthcare Goods (FMHG). The principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are strictly followed and Smyle prides itself on being an environment-friendly company.

When Ayurveda Meets Oral Healthcare

Ayurveda is the basic foundation for Smyle and since 1997, we have been propagating the richness of Ayurveda.  

Smyle provides chemical-free products as our products are made from herbal and ayurvedic plants, and are far better and a healthier option in comparison to chemically-loaded oral healthcare products.

Smyle is Always Future-Ready

Svizera Health Remedies LLP has established a state of the art in-house Smyle Herbal Research Centre to develop newer FMHG products in line with its parent group. 

State of the art, Italian manufacturing facility, strict GMP guidelines and extreme care is taken in procuring raw materials, packing and distribution of Smyle products. Utmost care is taken to ensure that all the essential quality standards in research, testing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution are well integrated, and adhered to while producing each unit. The technologically advanced Smyle herbal research initiative is yet another step towards bridging the distance between nature and human healthcare. 

With 9 different Oral & Health care products, to our credit, and many more new products that have been introduced, Smyle remains unmatched in the FMHG industry.

Final Note

Smyle management is committed to investing strongly in the organization’s core values which is the main reason for Smyle’s success across the globe, for all these years. We expect the same commitment from our employees, customers, and business partners. Honesty, Integrity, Collaboration, Competency, and Respect – these values have defined SMYLE, since its foundation. Last but not least, our primary goal is to deliver customer satisfaction second to none.

We are delighted to welcome you to the world of Smyle.

Message from MD:

“Smyle is a brand which we are very proud of..  We had successfully formulated the first Smyle Mouth Ulcer Gel in the world with 9 powerful Ayurvedic herbs. The Science of Ayurveda which is India’s heritage is being zealously promoted by Smyle, when all other Indian Oral Care industries were surrendering to foreign technology.

Right from its inception in the year 1997, Smyle has been charting out an unwavering list of 150 million happy and smiling customers worldwide.

Smyle has elevated the levels of Indian Ayurveda and has rejuvenated Ayurveda in all its oral-healthcare products and remedies. Now, Smyle has emerged as makers of the world-class oral-healthcare products of Ayurveda, which is the ancient Indian system of natural medicines.