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How Healthy Is an Ayurvedic Toothpaste? What Does an Ayurvedic Toothpaste Contain?

How Healthy Is an Ayurvedic Toothpaste? What Does an Ayurvedic Toothpaste Contain

To maintain good dental hygiene, your toothpaste plays an essential role. And if your toothpaste comes infused with Ayurvedic herbs, then nothing can stop you from achieving the best oral hygiene.

While many of you are concerned more about other health issues such as blood pressure or diabetes, but often tend to forget about your oral care hygiene. Not many of you at least bother to brush your teeth before going to sleep, right! 

However, oral hygiene should be considered a very important aspect of your everyday life. After all, the mouth is the arch to all kinds of germs and bacteria that enters your system, especially through your digestive or respiratory tracts. The point to remember is that even coronavirus enters your body through the mouth, apart from the nose, hence, it is very important to take care of your gums and teeth.

Apart from the discussion, your mouth seeks a lot of attention with issues like tooth decay, cavities, gum diseases like sensitive teeth, gingivitis, etc. among others which can make your life hell, if proper care is not maintained. So, one of the best ways to take care of your teeth is by choosing good toothpaste. And opting for toothpaste that includes Ayurvedic herbs is a guaranteed way for the best oral care.

If you are looking out for any herbal toothpaste, but are unable to decide, just check out the list that is explained below. These are some of the popular toothpaste options that are known to be made using herbal and natural ingredients:

Colgate Swarna Vedshakti Ayurvedic Toothpaste – Colgate is a popular brand worldwide. This toothpaste contains 5 Ayurvedic ingredients – Neem, Amla, Honey, Tulsi and Clove. These ingredients help in improving your overall oral health when used twice daily.

Smyle Herbal Toothpaste – Smyle is another popular brand that is trusted by over 150 million people worldwide. This toothpaste contains 2 ingredients – Neem and Clove, which makes it easy to provide complete oral care protection. Not only that, this toothpaste is 100% vegetarian and free from Flouride, Carrageenan, and Triclosan. Additional benefits include:

  • Whitens teeth
  • Fights gum problems
  • Freshens breath
  • Reduces plaque
  • Strengthens enamel
  • Prevents cavities
  • Fights germs
  • Prevents tartar

Since Smyle toothpaste has antibacterial and antioxidant properties, you are guaranteed strong gums and strong teeth.

Dabur Red Toothpaste – Dabur red is an old brand and was previously offering dental powder, and based on the convenience of modern-day customers, Dabur red has released the toothpaste – Dabur red toothpaste. This age-old toothpaste is developed with 13 natural ingredients such as sunthi, clove, mint, Tomar, etc. Besides providing overall oral care, this toothpaste is also considered effective in treating sensitive teeth and eliminating bad breath.

Himalaya Herbals Complete Care Toothpaste – Himalaya is also one of the popular oral brands. Himalaya Herbal toothpaste, one of its oral products, is not only known to whiten your teeth but also provides complete oral care. This toothpaste is rich in benefits due to its ingredients:

  • Five-leaved chaste trees
  • Extracts of Triphala
  • False black pepper
  • Indian gum arabic trees
  • Pomegranate
  • Neem

BIOAYURVEDA Bio Neem Tulsi Ayurvedic Toothpaste Gel – This toothpaste works in multiple ways as a herbal germ protector and mouth freshener. Infused with ingredients like Neem, Clove, Turmeric, Basil, Ncacia nilotica, Mint, Licorice and many more, this gel offers maximum defence against germs and bacteria and helps in preventing plaque and tartar formation.


Looking at the composition of some of the discussed herbal toothpaste it is clear that they are going to provide complete oral care protection and dental hygiene in comparison to the so-called chemical-based toothpaste. But choosing the best remains a question!

As discussed above, Smyle Herbal Toothpaste stands the best among the other herbal toothpaste as it not only provides a plethora of benefits to getting rid of all your dental problems but guarantees strong gums and teeth. Not only this, Smyle toothpaste is considered safe for the entire family, including pregnant women and kids. Sounds interesting right? Then, why not grab one right away! 

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