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Smyle Mouth Freshener Spray Is Made Of And What Are The Different Flavours Available

Smyle Mouth Freshener Spray Is Made Of And What Are The Different Flavours Available

Every person experiences bad breath once in a while. But for some people, it is a daily problem, and they are struggling to find a better solution. As per certain studies, one in four people experience bad breath and it is also suggested that approximately 50% of the adult population are facing it.

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Halitosis or bad breath is usually caused when you have had a garlicky meal or even early in the morning after waking. Other causes of temporary halitosis or bad breath are usually caused due to beverages like coffee, alcoholic drinks and tobacco smoking.

Some people may not be aware of their bad breath or halitosis and tend to learn about it from their family members, friends, or coworkers, who might have experienced some degree of distress and discomfort. Remember that, on a personal front, bad breath may sometimes severely impact your quality of life and personal relationships.

Tips To Improve Bad Breath

It is not necessarily that bad breath originates from inside only, and can originate from both inside and outside of the mouth. Halitosis is caused by bacteria which is present on the debris of your teeth or tongue. So, it is no surprise that most cases of bad breath are associated with gum diseases, poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, or a condition where the salivary glands are unable to make enough saliva to keep your mouth moist.

Did you know that respiratory infection, tonsillitis, bronchitis, and some gastrointestinal diseases can be responsible for bad breath? Even uncontrolled diabetes or other liver or kidney diseases can also lead to halitosis. Hence, following certain basic-level tips can help reduce bad breath:

  • Brush and floss your teeth twice a day, after meals.
  • For an instant dash of freshness, use a mouth freshener spray anywhere and anytime.
  • Stay away from tobacco-based products and avoid tobacco smoking.
  • Rinse and gargle your mouth every day before going to bed and after waking up in the morning.
  • If you have a dry mouth, make sure that you are staying hydrated by drinking enough fluids throughout the day. Also use over-the-counter moisturizing agents such as mouth freshener sprays, rinses, or gels. If you are not seeing any improvement then schedule a visit with your healthcare provider or dentist and seek a diagnosis immediately.
  • Also, ensure that you are visiting your dentist regularly.

Which Mouth Freshener Spray Can Be Considered To Reduce Bad Breath?

There are many mouth freshener sprays which are available in the market, but choosing the best finally depends on you! Nowadays, due to various health reasons, people are opting for Ayurveda based products as they are natural and do not cause any harm or side effects. If you are one among them, then choose Smyle Mouth Freshener Spray, as it is one of the best mouth freshener sprays which is ayurvedic-rich and eliminates bad breath naturally at an affordable price.

Smyle mouth freshener spray is made with carefully selected herbs such as:

  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Clove
  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon
  • Aloe Vera

Advantages of using a Smyle Mouth Freshener spray are:

  • They are available in 4 different flavours – Cool mint, Paan, Saunf, and Elaichi.
  • One mouth freshener spray provides around 175 refreshing sprays which help reduce bad breath and lighten your mood. 4 different flavours that provide 175X4 natural and fresh breath 4 times.
  • Smyle mouth fresheners not only eliminate bad breath but also gives an instant dash of freshness to your mouth.
  • These mouth fresheners are pocket-friendly and easy to carry in your wallet or purse.

If you are looking out for natural options, then why wait? Fight bad breath anytime and anywhere with Smyle Mouth Freshener spray that not only eliminates bad breath and gives a boost of freshness but also lasts long in your mouth. For further details, regarding the product, you can check out the link below:


Individual Smyle Mouth Freshner Sprays are also available: 

Cool mint flavoured- https://www.smyle.co.in/product/smyle-sviz-minto-natural-mouth-freshner-spray-cool-mint/